This is Atunda

Atunda Consulting Limited is the go to firm for your consulting needs. We are a management consulting firm with strong capabilities and experience in strategy, structure, management, and operations.

We deliver our services locally and through our integrated professional network of specialists in 6 countries across the globe. With our highly skilled and experienced employees, we deliver innovative, professional, and effective solutions.

Effectively engaging and communicating with clients and other stakeholders improves the quality of our interventions.
Atunda Consulting believes a better working world means addressing industry issues to deliver outcomes that grow, optimize and protect our clients’ businesses.

We work with you to move beyond the vision and turn thinking into flawless execution of strategy; to accelerate profitable ideas and digital ecosystems; deliver strategies; optimize organizations’ capabilities; and help drive growth and manage risk.

Our diverse teams combined with our global connectivity and understanding of your industry issues, inspire us to ask better questions.
Our client’s success is our compelling driving force. We believe therefore that any action(s) we take as a firm must demonstrate our values and our strong commitment to deep long-term relationships with our key stakeholders (clients, communities, agencies, our people, and external business partners.

We are dedicated to creating solutions that match our client’s most complex needs

A Management Consulting firm of choice for Businesses, Non-profits, Governments and Institutions in Emerging Frontiers.

It feels different to work with us.

Talents Behind Our Success

Ours isn’t just a team, we are a tribe driven by singleness of purpose.

Our team is made up of smart, driven and creative people who are up to date on trends in key industries. Atunda consulting team is built on the ethics of team work, trust, tolerance for diverging opinions and passion for client’s satisfaction. Being enthusiastic, cheerful and energetic is trademark. Our healthy work-play balance brings out the best in the team.

Heading the team are three board of directors with the requisite experience in management:

Philip Wilson

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Amanda Richards

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Marry Hoe
Customer Relations

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Jack Semper
Human Resources

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Kim Dennis

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Jane Travis

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a different perspective

Unique Value

We want to be just what you need and because we know success cannot be attained blindly, these 4 basic values are the foundations on which we deliver.

We are ever conscious of the need to be disciplined and deliberate if we must maintain an excellent track record and create a relationship that is built on trust. Professionalism helps us to continually look out for the best at every point in time and enthusiasm ensures our output remains top notch from start to finish.


Professionalism is the keystone of our success. We select the best expert in each field to ensure that the service we provide is second to none. Our desire for the best drives us to constantly check with them and our clients.


We commit ourselves to devising out of the box solutions. We believe that any goal can be reached through creativity and an open mind. This is why we are constantly innovating to meet up to the demands that come with each new challenge.


Honesty is a vital ingredient in establishing trust-worthy relationships. We maintain total transparency with our clients. We always provide details of our work, and explain our actions, and we always operate with full coordination with our clients.


We are passionate about results. This helps us completely align with our clients for their success. We strive to create added value for our clients. We never stop thinking about what else can be done to further promote our clients’ interest.

hard work and dedication

Our Value Proposition

Strategic Thinking Skills

Ours is a generation where critical business and research insights are at the heart of every solid strategy development. Highly trained, experienced and differentiated by deep understanding of the market coupled with expertise in chosen service offerings and a value-driven solution delivery approach, the Atunda team uses strategic thinking and business insights to connect the dots.

Intelligent Resource Allocation

While it’s one thing to have a neatly written strategy on paper, the truth is the actual or realised strategy of an organisation is a result of the resource allocation decisions. At Atunda, we believe resource allocation is at the core of every strategy articulation and development decisions. Allocating limited resources to maximize business potential is the core of what we do. Our diversified group of seasoned consultants collaborates with our clients to help them gain a firm understanding and drive the allocation of limited tangible, intangible and human resources to maximize business potential and investment decisions.

Flawless Strategy Execution

Having a unique experience and understanding of strategy execution; its potential pitfalls and tools can help bridge the gaps between an organizations’ abilities to articulate a strategic vision and their effectiveness in executing that vision. We help our clients increase their chance of success by doing a thorough and objective assessment of the initial strategy, the required resources while effectively communicating, ensuring accountability, aligning and cascade their important goals through calibration.

Channelling Strategy

Transforming strategy into a tangible concept is part science and part art. We are aware that business planning terms are often misunderstood, used interchangeably and incorrectly by organisations and their workers. Through our ‘from mind to paper’ and ‘tune up’ approach, we help eliminate misuse by guiding our clients through the process of channelling strategy from mind to paper and put in place a periodic review meeting with key personnel.

Pro-Active Approach

We overcome undertows to effective strategy execution taking a can-do, dynamic approach. We have developed several unique methods, especially in strategy execution field, that allow us to be alert to execution errors, becoming reacquainted with the business planning terms, and tools in tackling the challenges of execution, both in virtual and physical environments. We help our clients align and cascade their important goals throughout their teams to increase employee engagement, improve client service and project delivery. We also have relationships with a network of leading technology and other service providers which enable us to provide our clients with tailored end-to-end solutions.

Meet Our Partners

We’ve a reputable amount of companies and organizations we’ve worked with in the past and presently. Below are just few of those huge number of partners with whom we’ve successfully made business with.

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