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June 27, 2018 by in Industry

Our specialized experience and advanced analytic approach to problem solving allows us to provide breakthrough insights for clients.

The energy industry is one of the continually evolving sectors of the 21st century with the introduction of solar, other eco-friendly energy source and the melting of borders with new inventions.

Local energy companies are faced with the challenge of meeting up with the demands of this fast paced evolution and remaining relevant in the global sphere of things even as new discoveries are made by the minute.

Atunda’s custom made approach helps to provide forward-thinking ideas and solutions in the critical, complex, and ever-evolving energy industry. Our specialized experience and advanced analytic approach to problem solving allows us to provide breakthrough insights for clients.Atunda’s Energy consultants collaborate with utilities, government, investors, manufacturers, oil and gas companies, and major corporations to help them thrive in the rapidly changing energy environment. We are able to offer services ranging from Utility expansion to Oiland Gas Consulting and also factor in the role and need of the government and manufacturers.


Why do you need Atunda?

Operations and Delivery Excellence

In an environment where it is non-negotiable for companies to remain competitive, stand up to the constraints of regulatory bodies and continually innovate, even as the market is short of skilled individuals, operational excellence is now a major driver of the Energy and Utilities industry and in employing operational excellence to cope with this increasingly competitive market, process optimization and organization mobilization is paramount.

Atunda’s approach is to focus on standardization of operation, identification of best practices and managerial efficiency. We filter your business process management to match regulatory requirements, maintain profitability while reducing expenditures and generally smoothen operational process. Our retail optimisation improves the performance of distribution and your delivery process.

With our deep understanding of the sector, Atunda Consulting Limited support clients to adapt, remain relevant and transform in an increasingly digital world.


Oil and Gas Exploration

The E&P industry on the national front is rife with the controversies of pollution and unstable prices. This is aside the disruption the industry has faced in recent years making it more difficult to access resources, and the steady decline of prices. There is also the rapid pace at which technology and business innovation is taking place.

Atuda provides and interprets relevant data to drive the decision making process, , position firms to maximize the discoveries in technology,work the increasing liquidity and flexibility of the work force to their advantage.

To solve the challenges of unstable prices, we are able to partner with stakeholders in the industry and work with changing dynamics predict cash flow and cost,  capitalize on the collaboration across industries and optimize retail efficiency.

Atunda consulting services are flexible and tailored to the specific needs of the upstream and downstream sectors of the E&P (Oil & Gas) industry

Market Intelligence

Opportunities that abound for the energy and utilities industries are expanding by the day.

There is the introduction of solar, wind and water enabled energy and utilities whose impact is telling on the traditional models and economics.  Responses have ranged from a boost in partnerships to alignment with manufacturers and energy retailers. It has opened up possibilities of diversification to expand the products and service portfolios being offered so the focus is no longer on just oil, gas and electrons.

This involves a shift in regulatory paradigm, evolution of business models, novel investments and a move towards creative and economic solutions

Atunda specialists help you gather relevant data and translate them to meaningful insights data. We conduct intelligence on market reports, market analysis and possibilities. We help clients identify meaningful opportunities, mitigate risk, and validate their business strategy.

Our long-term approach helps you understand changing market trends and their significance for your business.

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