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We leverage wireless telecom experience into changes and maximize it for their own benefit.

Telecos have been taken over by this new drive to fit into technology communication trends, industry amalgamation and the threat of cable entrants. Telecom companies have an urgent need to juxtapose strategy and operations in positioning themselves for relevance success constantly changing market

Our service to telecommunications companies around the world helps them to better understand their customers, build superior networks, find a sustainable path to growth and achieve cost leadership while maintaining a high-performance organization.

We leverage wireless telecom experience into changes and maximize it for their own benefit. We apply digital and advanced analytics to build core strategy centered on customers and operate at a faster and result-driven pace.


Why you need Atunda?

Quality Control Management

Telecommunication Companies are under intense pressure to comply with an endless array of regulations, standards and quality initiatives from regulators around the world. In addition, consumers expect them to provide better, cheaper products. The most effective way to satisfy both groups is to prevent defects and manage quality and costs.

Meeting programmatic requirements requires the implementation of external checks on output and delivery. Legal, business, and cultural expectations must be satisfied

Atunda provides services for quality control management and training, certification and production. We also include quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and further create, collect, and distribute quality control-related information to your project quality.

Auditing and evaluating the quality of telecom services is a precursor to maintaining excellent service delivery. We can help you identify and map out a strategy to meet up with the demands of regulators and still provide quality cost effective products to consumers.

Cloud Computing Opportunities

A cloud service provides users with easy access to required services, applications, and resources. Cloud services are designed to provide easy, scalable access to applications, resources and services, and are fully managed by a cloud services provider.

It is without question the new revolutionary concept in IT and Telecom, reshaping the business models, service   offerings,  and hardware/software provisioning,   thereby   unleashing   new revenue streams.

Cloud service providers are in many cases independent organizations telecom operators, as leaders in providing telecommunication services, can predominantly compete with other companies on the market as cloud service providers. Apart from the potential increased revenue, it helps with diversification which is how companies in an increasingly robotic generation can survive.

Atunda will help determine what best suits your firm’s needs. We will conduct market research if need be and provide needed advisory and management solutions to help you integrate an efficient and effective cloud service into your innovations.

Process Management

The methodology of process management is a key survival factor for various companies such as telecommunication, information technology, and manufacturing companies since effective and efficient management can reduce operations cost of companies and make companies adapt to fast changing environments.

Every business requires a functional structure for the management of its various processes. This requires practical experience which is one of our strong points at Atunda. Atunda helpsclients to document, analyse, improve & automate their business processes. Our input helps clients optimise their business processes.

We focus on reducing the unit cost to execute a transaction by streamlining processes and allowing companies to better orchestrate resources, increasing productivity. Listed below are five particular ways telecommunications benefit from our process management services:

We enable clients to be more efficient by identifying and eliminating waste and bottlenecks that don’t add value.

We install into your workings, an automation process that standardizes working methods and provides audit trails that can improve managerial control.

We help companies to identify appropriate resources, speed up execution, and enable better response to customer and market requirement.

We create a strategy to record, monitor and measure every activity within a business process. This drives accountability and transparency into the organization, highlighting improvement opportunities.


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