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Atunda is fully equipped and perfectly positioned to build a convergence point for your firm’s services

Technology (ICT) has witnessed tremendous growth around the globe. Technology now represents a significant tool that can be used to drive economic, social, and cultural development such that the standard of living, better health services and educational facilities is improved even as breath taking advances and discoveries continue to take place. Technology is indeed playing a significant role and tech industries are the pillars on which 21st century societies are built.

Atunda is fully equipped and perfectly positioned to build a convergence point for your firm’s services, cater to necessary paperwork work for the smooth running of your firm and efficiently manage your expectations. We provide the needed support to turn your ideas into realities

Innovation Capacity

Staying competitive, bringing new products to the market and creating new revenue streams are the pillars on which technology is built. It is a truism that innovation is at the top of the agenda for all businesses but even more so for tech industries.

This requires a lot of design, planning and research, proposed business processes and systems that the project is going to deliver.

In this regard, Atunda deploys understanding of the market space and advisory skills to help clients (you) decide on products that will resonate with real needs and transform the digital space.

We further provide assistance in commercializing your innovative technology over the long term.

Service Delivery Strategy

Most time, awesome products remain in the shadows due to lack of a clear-cut strategy for penetration and deliverables. The inability of these firms and products to disrupt the market is because of the neglect of strategy and process design which is fundamental to the effectiveness of service management.

We work with you to enable delivery of services in an effective and cost-efficient manner. We partner with established firms to discover the fastest route to penetrating the market, prioritise key stake holders and level of services required, gain consensus on what firm’s focus should be, implement work plan, measure delivery and repeat cycle.

We bring to the table our advisory, technical, business, communication, management and language to help you come up with a realistic, value driven and time bound strategy

Copyright and Valuation

In most cases, the value of an early-stage business is based primarily on its intellectual property, such as its rights in inventions. One most common mistake by startups is failing to obtain proper written assignments or licenses of intellectual property rights that are developed by the founders prior to the start up’s incorporation or rights developed either by employees or consultants after the start up’s incorporation. The vulnerability of the web space and ideas is also a source of concern for many start-ups.

Atunda team of experts helps in analysing the financial, accounting, market and valuation issues related to intellectual properties and other intangible assets.

We provide opinions regarding the value of intangible assets, including intellectual property.  This is typically done in connection with donations, bankruptcies, purchase transactions and purchase price allocations.  The firm also provides opinions regarding the fairness of royalty rates and other fees charged for the use of intellectual properties.

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