Supply chain management

July 11, 2018 by in Capabilities

Atunda has in place an integrated system to provide real-time insight that anticipate potential problems, review multiple action alternatives and respond to the constant changes in clients (your) supply and demand chains.

A global network that supports and reacts to the needs of your supply chain is important and even more so, for emerging brands. From securing the best pricing to creating a strategy that works across several different product lines and managing the supply chain network, the challenges of the entire process can be overwhelming.

The strains on supply chains are without questions intense, and management requires a strong plan and constant measuring for weak links. Selecting a strategic supplier that provides manufacturing locations with consistent global quality and a reliable local service is also a challenge.

Atunda has in place an integrated system to provide real-time insight that anticipate potential problems, review multiple action alternatives and respond to the constant changes in clients (your) supply and demand chains.


Inventory Liabilities Solutions

In outsourcing relationships, there are constant cases of each party trying to pass on liability to the other leading to frequent clashes.

A cost effective supply chain requires that orders be made based on forecast.  However, the frequent changes in forecast patterns and poor supply planning leads to imbalances which is at the heart of inventory liability problem. The problem is that these organizations are positioned to fail because they cannot fully control the framework that causes inventory exposure.

Getting a grip on this challenge involves approaching inventory balancing with a broader, more cross-functional perspective.

Atunda has an automated solutions system clarifies each and every point, especially liabilities of any parts in the beginning of the relationship. We hone in on all the points of liability to ensure it is thoroughly discussed and also sort out seemingly inconsequential issues.

We help you mitigate and manage the risks associated with inventory liability by focusing on understanding and minimizing the exposure of inventory. We work with parties concerned to clarify the what, who, how, and when for inventory liability. Atunda supply chain experts help you assess the relative importance of components more accurately, and can appropriately weigh the risks and benefits of different solutions to reduce inventory exposure.

Our special response management technology helps to manage and reduce inventory liabilities and the stress in an outsourced relationship. Our solutions put managers in a position to respond to the impact of changes in demand, supply and product configuration on inventory liability across the extended OEM/contract manufacturer supply chain.

Customer-centric Supply chain

Customer service remains the center of supply chain management. We no longer live in a world of rote products and services categorization. We live in an era of consumer customization and this covers providing the right quantity of the right product to the right place and at the right time.

Every customer has different needs.  . This shift affects manufacturing and, consequently, the logistics of delivering these products to consumers. With these advancements, good customer service depends on information. Rather, it depends on the visibility of information. It’s necessary to be able to provide as much data as possible to the client, in order to make decisions and communicate shifts and changes in the supply chain before they cause issues. It might be access to a portal or API integration but technology is key in being able to provide your customers with the necessary information.

Good customer relationship helps to stabilize partner/ supplier relationship. Atunda provides the necessary links.

Our experience in supply chain management helps you account for events such as promotions or stock-outs. We provide very powerful exception reporting including forecast accuracy evaluation. Our collaborative approach allows for visible inputs from appropriate people in your organization. We have in place a detailed, cost effective and highly reputed system that provides needed insight.

With our in-depth understanding of the flow of goods and services both on national and international fronts, we help improve your customer’s service, minimize operating cost and increase cash flow stability.

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