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We provide market insights, customer analytics and align your sales department for productivity.

Sales and marketing consultation encompasses graphics designing, content creation, strategic coaching, social media experts, data analysts, and web developers. These expectations comes to fore in consultant-client relationship and customers often assume that a marketing consultant is able to do all of the above.

These set of skills are driven towards coming up with strategies  aimed at creating the perfect pitch for positioning of new product on the market, development of pricing strategy, trade management and optimization, excellent customer’s experience, retail engagement and data insight all targeted at driving  commercial output

Companies need to work with consultants that are able to display greater flexibility to meet up with the constantly changing circumstance of the organization and needs of the market base, bring a personal touch to each job and who can put in place realistic structures to support the sales and marketing strategy.

Atunda is best positioned to deliver on all these expectations and bring even more value. We have in place techniques that communicate your products/services to your target market in a manner that creates emotional connections.

What we offer at Atunda is a dynamic top switch between what your customers want and what our clients need.  We rely on insight from target audience to create unique sales and marketing strategy with a view to elevating customers experience and generating revenue.



Market insights

It is vital that organisations understand the market and inter connectedness of each sector in the digital age. The best performing organisations in terms of sales are able to thrive due to their ability to capitalize on market insight (research) for creativity in a data driven era.  This is where market research comes into play.

Market research affords businesses increased sales, better customer management, and promotes continuous business growth and development. Market research paves way for improved inventory management.

Organisations need to stay in tune with developments on the market scene and scope out how its challenges affects industries differently and then position their strategy to respond adequately to the demands of the market

The insights obtained from market research arms organisations with the specific information required to meet up with the challenge and communicate their brand convincingly.

Atunda experts in market research furnish your organization with needed tools and techniques to generate the needed insight. We help you manage and implement the data collection process, analyze the results, and communicate the findings and their implications.

We empower clients (you) with insights that helps to target potential customers, develop promising points, execute strategy and increase sales.


Data science – customer analytics

Marketers have access to more data making them privy to the actual needs of their target audience giving them insight into every step of the customer journey.

Value proposition is key in being able to garner loyal customers. A value proposition that can fully interpret this role should capture the “when, why and how” of customers wants and needs. Meeting up with this expectation requires comprehensive data and analytics that can properly package and redefine experiences throughout the customer journey.

At Atunda, we understand the importance of customer analytics for improved sales and marketing experience so it is a focal point of our sales and marketing services.  We keep up with the latest research techniques to ensure clients get quality data and translate it to an innovative and strategic value proposition designed around the needs of your target market. We rely on your customer segment to develop the relationship that would guide your marketing personnel in their outings.

We work with key players to improve the value contribution of your organization’s customer analytics and bank roll the insights to provide a detailed breakdown of any performance gaps, areas in which to invest, and a roadmap for taking a company’s customer analytics (and its value contribution) to the next level

Alignment and Sales Productivity

There is more to sales than closing deals. The generated productivity should translate to maximising sales results while minimising the resources expended such as cost, effort, and time for the business operations

There is an increasing link between the alignment of sales and marketing and productivity. It is estimated that misalignment between these two departments costs businesses $1 trillion a year.

Proper structuring and alignment of sales and marketing projects  real benefits for organisations, including increased business productivity, improved efficiencies, better marketing ROI, and overall business growth.

This requires an effective sales team and a simple integrated content management process that structures both sales and marketing and align them to the organisation strategy of the business. Atunda offers this alongside other sales and marketing structuring and alignment services.

We have in place a structure that trains clients on productivity, forming potential lead relationships and nurturing these relationships to benefit the organisation in the long run.

We embed technology into your marketing plan to help you track face time with customers, generate email list, plan meetings and generally have better control of your sales and marketing process

We help you monitor your sales metrics to understand how they can become more productive.

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