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June 27, 2018 by in Industry

By bringing to the fore our expertise in defence/national security, energy, healthcare as it relates to public service, we help you fulfil deliverables.

The public sector is regularly placed on the pedestal of delivery performance. With a unique mandate to on a number of services and development projects in highly-visible, multi-stakeholder environments with limited resources, tight finances, budgetary controls, and short deadlines, Government at all levels often face unique performance challenges. Regardless of the economic circumstances, these entities are still expected to deliver transformative public services.

Atunda Public Services team offers a commitment to helping the public sector deliver economically, efficiently and effectively on these expectations and its promises.

We help government agencies to deliver successful results. With strong expertise in finance, technology, public procurement, commercial management, and project and resource management, we help clients mitigate risk and optimize performance. By bringing to the fore our expertise in defense/national security, energy, healthcare as it relates to public service, we help you fulfil deliverables.


Why do you need us?

Advisory Solutions

Developing strategy, business planning, fund raising and programme delivery is critical to delivering in the public space. Policy makers are often unable to synchronise the process for smooth deliverables and hence come short of public expectations.

Atunda works with policy makers to help them shape policy to enable the delivery of improved services.  We support our clients in optimising scarce resources to the benefit of their communities. We have advised over 100 public sector organisations, and also advise the leading private sector organisations that contract or partner with the public sector.

With our contribution, government can create a performance measurement, evaluation, and improvement system that close the gap between in-house evaluation and public perception of impact. We further provide advisory services on:

  • Risk assessment and mitigation
  • Portfolio management
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Compliance advisory
  • Inventory and valuation services
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Financial control assessment


Our multidisciplinary team is always at the leading edge hence helping our clients to innovate every step of the way comes naturally.

Management and Implementation Solutions

The beauty of any process or system is in its organizational design and effectiveness. Government officials, policy makers and public servants need to adopt a realistic approach to help them optimize their full functionality.

Atunda has a unique management and implementation solution programmed for risk assessment, system development, and management process and solutions. We offer our clients program operation, monitoring, and oversight services that takes on the challenges of policy and procedure development

Our Program Management Office (PMO) service covers the challenges faced in the delivery of public goods and services. Our familiarity with the system helps to keep us conscious of changing indices that should be key in deciding the flow and direction of governance.

Business Process Outsourcing

The nuances of awarding and managing contracts can be tricky and overwhelming but it is without argument an important aspect of governance. It takes a special set of skill to orchestra the entire process without muddling up the expected outcome. While negotiations, bureaucracy and diplomacy might be particular to public officials, the outsourcing of business process as the needs arise is still from being perfected by public servants.

Our job at Atunda is to take the stress of properly handling the process from your workload. Our outsourcing department understand the individuality of each project and know the when, what and how approach to deploy while cutting cost for the same value. Outsourcing can also extend to claims management (e.g. health, liability, disaster, flood claims, Credit, subsidy and loan management and license management

We are also able to help you with benefits determination and create a revenue cycle manager that extends to Asset management and valuation services


Technical Know How.

Government agencies are taking advantage of the digital revolution to make the processes of governance more accessible, easier and faster. Atunda can help you explore new possibilities for introducing technology into the policy making and implementation process. It can help you keep unfiltered tabs on public interests, wants and needs and also gauge reactions to policy direction.

Atunda’s wealth of experience is relevant to focusing on the peculiar needs of each community or constituency to create the perfect two-way communication channel that doesn’t just allow for feed backs but opens up more opportunities for a proper understanding and analysis of government’s decision by the people.

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