Procurement and Sourcing

July 11, 2018 by in Capabilities

We deploy our understanding of your internal needs in identifying critical services needed for support and manage the process from start to finish.

There is more to procurement than cutting costs; it has significant and direct impact on bottom-line performance. The merging of traditional sourcing techniques with major technology trends of today is pointing procurement and sourcing towards the new 21st century sourcing pro and it’s interesting to consider how AI is redefining the traits of the entire process. The system that would eventually emerge will allow for professional varieties to adapt-to and flourish in the modern business eco-systems.

Procurement is a multi-step process and proper planning makes it worthwhile. Adequate planning can also help to ensure competitive procurement because planning the procurement means taking a systematic approach.

At Atunda, we are strategically placed to help you pick from a network of experts. We deploy our understanding of your internal needs in identifying critical services needed for support and manage the process from start to finish. Our digitization of the process help in the reduction of even more cost and avails a wider range of options to select from.



Structure & Alignment

Modern procurement departments need to structure themselves to achieve the perfect mix of meeting internal needs at the best possible price and satisfying customer’s expectations. Procurement is however not just concerned with order placement, but with establishing enterprise-wide contracts, managing relationships with those suppliers and providing a conducive environment for the procurement process to thrive.

There is no one-size-fits-all way of aligning a procurement department. Some organizations align their procurement staff according to customer. Others align according to commodity. Still others align by supplier. The “best” way depends of the goals of the company.

Atunda has a B2B procurement structure that fits irrespective of the approach adopted by your organization. Our structure covers payment, contract, management, transition, categorization, and the procurement cycle. Understanding the role and mandate of procurement and sourcing allows for proper alignment to business strategy.

Atunda is best placed to help clients put in place the necessary metrics to maximize the gains of procurement and sourcing.

Procurement Skills Pack and Training

The high-level responsibilities and intricacies of modern procurement require solid fundamental procurement capabilities, analytical skills (particularly in financial analysis), advanced computer expertise, and skills in contracts, project management, relationship building, strategy development, and negotiation.

What organisations need is a professional to implement initiatives and best practices that support the mission and vision of the overall organization.

Atunda PSP helps client align the procurement department with the mission and vision of the organization to ensure a deliberate and stress free procurement process.

Knowledge and skills required are constantly being updated and because we are in sync with changing trends, we identify with the latest pattern in procurement and sourcing. Our periodical training to refine the procurement knowledge and skills keeps your employees in top shape.

Atunda works with the peculiar procurement needs of each client to deliver on its expectations and goals.

Software & Intangibles

Modern organizations are adopting management technology solutions which blend procurement with reverse auction, spend analysis, and other capabilities. The focus is on delivering measurable results aligned with organizational objectives and collaborating with suppliers to achieve a competitive advantage.

In addition, procurement departments are enlarging their role in the supply chain. Once simply just the interface for external “inputs,” procurement departments are now also expanding towards the organization’s “outputs.” This involves managing inventory, taking responsibility for logistics, and, in the future, even being a more significant part of a customer collaboration team.

At Atunda, we work with the concerned departments to adopt the best technology solutions. We provide advisory solution on management, adaptation and transformation to obtain the best possible result for organizations.

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