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Atunda’s network of experts helps you to poke around and look forward to providing insights that build a structure to support long term relationship and challenges that may arise in the long run.

h, especially for those in the manufacturing business. Every now and then; even old hands in this unsettled business frontier get it all wrong and shoot themselves in the foot.

Companies making the strategic decision to outsource manufacturing or services encounter a number of challenges because managing a long-term outsourcing relationship is definitely no easy task and it is without surprise many outsourcing deals suffer due to the constant change of project manager. To be honest, this is largely not due to carelessness or negligence as there are many factors companies and service providers don’t or can’t factor in for the long run.

These disaster-waiting-to-happen variables, be they manual or automated are nearly impossible to identify. Companies only discover them when customer’s satisfaction is threatened, when differences takes a toll on the working partnership and when the working relationship has been damaged.

For instance, some critical workarounds developed over the years to keep a client’s operations running smoothly may not have been properly documented or formally integrated into the client’s core technological framework.

Atunda’s network of experts helps you to poke around and look forward to provide insights that build a structure to support long term relationship and challenges that may arise in the long run.

Our network of skilled expert (ise) is ever ready to help remained focused on your strength, worry less about other important details and reduce overhead cost.



Talent Management

Proper talent management is critical to the success of outsourced deals. People are at the core of every organization and the effectiveness or otherwise of managing them are important for innovation, customer satisfaction, profitability and new product development of the organization.

Your outsourcing process should be totally flexible and drive innovation solutions. It should take into consideration the differenced of each market and suitability to changing work climes. The process should cover sourcing preparation to assessment and development.  Most firms, even when they engage the services of consultants are unable to achieve that all round balance in outsourcing.

Atunda has the experience that makes all the difference.  Our services ensure that suppliers are selected strictly according to the requirements of the organization and the desired output needed. Before signing the dotted line, we define the strategy and target benefits, risk analysis and mitigation planning, scope definition and business case preparation.

We carry out background checks and establish the supplier management organisation and processes, establishing and reviewing financial controls, and independent service delivery assessment. We review portfolio management and assess overall sourcing performance

Atunda inputs improve the quality of delivery from your outsourced projects.


Quality Monitor Solutions

Market competition is at its peak and quality is on the decline so there is a rising insistence on quality especially by emerging brands since they generally face a hard time trying to convince customers about the quality of their brand and the value it offers.

It can be difficult to monitor the quality of the business or operational process that has been outsourced.

Even if the organization has delegated the non-critical operations to a third-party, it often gets indicted in dealing with exigencies

As your consultants, Atunda works with third party to iron out the pros and con of the defects that may technically arise and in the case of manufacturing, of any faulty product. If the need arises, we monitor the entire process. We are particular about minimizing the rate of poor or non-performance that may arise. We know when there is a need to go for a test run before getting into a long-term agreement and when it okay for key performance indicators to be applied in performance appraisal.

Atunda sets refined monitoring processes in place so that our client (you) is in total control at all times and develop a contingent plan to mitigate and control risks from or during the process.

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