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Atunda offers the business insider perspective, evaluate your strategy and integrate risk management into your organisation’s strategy.

Every business or organisation operates on defined strategy but is your strategy well-articulated and properly communicated to your key stakeholders? Your strategy should have your competitors talking about you in their boardrooms?

Organization Strategies should guide you on the proper allocation of resources and ensure that your business risks are appropriately mitigated. Your employees need to be able to articulate your strategy and be properly empowered to execute on it?

More importantly, organisations need to understand that strategy becomes pointless without swift, agile execution. It’s the actual doing, the execution fastened to the thinking that benefits organisations the most.

We provide support in the areas of business unit strategy, transaction services, valuation, economics, brand/intellectual property management and risk management.

Atunda provides you with deep industry expertise, supported by in-depth business analysis, to provide unique insights that underpin your strategy enabling you to deliver the best results for your business at operating unit and corporate or group levels



Business Environment Perspective

Every strategy that does not take into consideration the nuances of the environment in which it operates and services cannot be effective. This requires a proper understanding of your business environment including target market, competitors and potential partners.

With the necessary data, you are able to develop a strategy that helps you to identify, understand, and manage risks to enable an appropriate balance between risks and opportunities.

Atunda experienced Business Improvement Consultants find solutions to help organizations optimise their underlying people, systems and processes.

We research and analyse your business environment to provide you with properly documented facts and figures and provide guidance in its transformation to a realistic organization strategy.

Every organization needs to be strategic in its evolution and the actualization of its vision. We add a professional touch to helping you create, document, evaluate and implement YOUR organization’s strategy

Strategy Evaluation

A management strategy that would deliver on organizations values and goals needs to be robustly tested and its underlying assumptions analysed. There is also a need for objective evaluation and validation of the strategy and progress track of its implementation.

Your strategy needs to contain key value drivers for measuring impact, making strategic choices and work areas to concentrate efforts.  While the strategy transformation chart of your organisation should project an engaging brand story that resonates with employees and customers and factor in the reality of the business environment, it should be ambitious.

Atunda offers services that evaluate your strategy on all points and at all levels from draft stage to implementation and estimated result.

We combine our expertise with your vision and mission to ensure that your organization strategy empower and engage employees at all levels of the organisation to make distinct choices that align with company goals.

Our evaluation defines behavioural and business impact targets for strategic initiatives to monitor progress towards goals; establishes accountability lines and provides for flexibility of your organisation’s strategy.

Through portfolio management, Atunda installs an evaluation system that captures the coordination and adaptation of strategy to the measurement of its deliverables and overall effect on client’s growth and expansion.

Risk Management

Risk oversight and management should be one of the high points of every organization’s strategy. The digital age business environment is rife with dynamically changing risk profiles. There is increased government interventions that come with stringent rules and regulations; economic crisis and sometimes melt down; corporate governance and market expectations; decenteralised competition; compliance with environmental laws and finance laws amongst others.

Effective development and implementation of strategy is tied to effective risk management practices. Organisations need to anticipate risk or impediments to goals contemplate viable options for strategic management of such risks. Organisations should be able to integrate systematic risk management with an organizations business strategy and operations and in the process, create value for key stake holders.

Atunda helps clients develop and implement enterprise risk management programmes to ensure smooth operations and sustainability of process while researching and applying relevant legislation and regulations to your organisation’s strategy.

We work with clients to inteprete full financial and economic implication of selected strategy and also assist with the design and implementation of governance, compliance and other internal control programmes to avoid and when necessary mitigate risks.

Ideas are great only when brought to life. This requires proper execution and we offer to lend you a hand every step of the way.

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