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June 27, 2018 by in Industry

Our familiarity with key local and international scenes gives us an edge that reflects in our development of strategy aimed at helping clients turn little steps into giant strides.

The importance of the Media and Entertainment sector to any society cannot be overestimated. The terrain is becoming an increasingly complex one and so are its challenges. From the rat race to keep up with trends and produce audience centred contents to digital transformation, leveraging on opportunities for sponsorship and profiteering, the demands are numerous. Just like with several other industries, the paradigm shift to digital has taken its toll.

Atunda’s in-depth understanding of the industry is a great asset to our many clients. We are abreast of changes in the industry. Our familiarity with key local and international scenes gives us an edge that reflects in our development of strategy aimed at helping clients turn little steps into giant strides.

We collaborate with top players to create a vibrant and lucrative approach that creates a fascinating effect guaranteed to deliver value.

We are heavily involved in the industry and apply our knowledge relatively to each project in a way that focuses attention on clients (your) brand and helps you tap into increased revenue opportunities.

Why do you need Atunda?

Digital Landscape

It has been estimated that the internet has 4.2 billion user and 3.03 billion are active social media user. On an average, people have 5.54 social media accounts. Internet journalism and broadcasting popularly referred to as the new media is fast becoming the norm, podcasts are gaining wide acceptance and music downloads is taking over purchase of CDs. The media and entertainment industry can thrive by maximizing the digital landscape.

With our understanding of the internet demography, we help you penetrate and connect with audiences through online technology. This is done in collaboration with key stake holders in the industry. Our media experts have social media and digital marketing skills.

The goal is to create an online followership base for your services and offers then turn them into customers.

Media Management Solutions

Media management is all about orchestrating activities to meet the organization goal and managing the face of the brand on public space. Improper management techniques and poor-quality delivery amongst other issues hinders the smooth and effective performance of the media practitioners. Effective media relations make the process easier, faster and cheaper to a large extent.

New media provides the industry with a platform for feedback mechanism from the audience; and in  addition,  also  provides  the  media  house  with the  platform to  justify  their actions and also explain their mission as well as their reactions on issues.

This makes it easier for media organizations to be aware of what their audience thinks about their corporate image and effectively set agenda for public consumption.

Atunda media experts can help you create an effective strategy for managing interactions and public. Our expertise comes in handy in training clients on pre-empting and eliminating misunderstanding and crisis that could have arisen.

Media Audience Measurement

The emergence of the new media has created a feedback system that allows for measurement of content impact. This is about ensuring that audience involved in the process and remain engaged after consumption of content.

While the process was relatively straight jacketed in the era of analogue traditional media channels, the emergence of new platforms especially the online web has presented a challenge for the existing approaches.

Atunda consulting has the right techniques and tool to step up your game. This would help you create the right content for an audience that is becoming fast paced. Our audience measurement tool can be tweaked to suit the differences of the print and broadcast media.

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