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June 28, 2018 by in Industry

We partner with health systems to develop a market-leading strategy for long-term top performance, growth, and sustainability.

The healthcare industry is on a journey to personi-zation of healthcare delivery and organizations need to choose the right path forward for their market. Atunda partners with health systems to develop a market leading strategy for long-term top performance, growth, and sustainability.

Recognized as a top healthcare consulting firm, Atunda consultants collaborate with hospitals and health systems, physician, payers, and government entities to help clients thrive.

Atunda Consulting works with senior healthcare executives to help solve their most complex challenges during this period of dynamic change. We partner with healthcare systems, payers, providers, technology and solutions organizations, distributors, and healthcare investors to improve business performance by unlocking new market opportunities, improving organizational agility, supporting higher quality outcomes at lower costs and increasing profitability.

We take a holistic and integrated view of what is happening today and help organizations prepare for the future.

Why you need Atunda?

Optimal Clinical Strategies

We partner with you to create, manage, and protect your vision by optimally scaling the scope of programs, products, and services that anticipate change. However, successful strategic plans have everything to do with implementation and execution. We work with you on a regular basis after delivery of the plan to review implementation progress, suggest appropriate adjustments, and discuss emerging trends, issues, and opportunities that may impact your strategic direction.

Great strategy is really only great if it works operationally, if you can afford it, and if it improves your long-term success and sustainability. We are the rare healthcare consulting firm that has the depth of experience, skills, and resources to ensure your strategy is not only innovative, but operationally achievable, financially feasible, and beneficial to your organization and the population it serves.

Local market knowledge

Healthcare providers need to partner with a firm that has clear understanding of national, regional and international trends, as well as the local dynamics of your market. Atunda has a perspective grounded in national experience and sensitivity to local considerations hence we are able to help you provide detailed insight

One of the key strategic concerns facing nearly all healthcare organizations today is their relationship with physicians and other providers. Our team includes physician executives as key members, providing this critical perspective.

Our seasoned professionals and highly skilled specialists form exceptional teams that formulate and implement the right strategies for each client’s unique challenges and opportunities.

Atunda’s input will help you manage clinical, operational, and financial objectives to achieve peak efficiency. We further work with you to protect the future by reducing performance risk and proactively accepting risk in new business strategies.

Atunda Healthcare Solutions

We provide solutions that reflects the various aspects of the health care system required to function properly for the effective and efficient delivery of affordable health care.

Our strategic solutions is designed to chart a structure that answers the “what” and “why” of the health care industry and also include actions plans. We build an enduring structure because we think long term.

Through training programs and a focus on the delivery cum desired outcome, we provide performance excellence solutions to reduce employee-employer’s friction and increase target market satisfaction and clients’ output and because we understand that the relationship between patient and physician is at the core of healthcare. With our Physician enterprise solutions, we help you create an alignment that reinforces the relationship between and benefits both healthcare provider and receiver.

Implementation of customer centric care delivery requires allocation of funds, optimization of available resources and accountability. At Atunda consulting, we have put in place Revenue Cycle Solutions to help you develop a model to streamline revenue base and manage account resolution. In the creation and execution of solutions, we continually factor in government policies to create a middle ground between their expectations and firm’s needs.

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