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We support CEOs, CFOs, Controllers and Treasurers to optimise the structure of their finance functions and improve their contribution to the business.

In recent times, the emphasis of finance has been control and efficiency delivered through streamlined back office models. Despite this, the focus on providing insight should still be maintained.

Is your finance function rising to the challenges of your current operational environment? You are probably making money, but do you have paper control of your finances?  Is your treasury managed well enough to provide sustainable support of your business?  Is your financial reporting appropriate to your business and its risks?”

We support CEOs, CFOs, Controllers and Treasurers to optimise the structure of their finance functions and improve their contribution to the business.



Compliance and Control Maintenance

One major source of concerns for CEOs and CFOs is internal control and risk compliance. The importance of being accountable to the business and to the financial community, CFOs have put compliance and control at the top of the agenda. In most cases, responses have been tactical rather than strategic and what this means is that properly structured and sustainable solutions are now required.

More often than not, finance executives have to rely on their wits and devices to figure out what specific controls should be put in place that would meet regulatory requirements, which has led to a buildup of capital and human resource intensive control activities that do not produce desired results.

Atunda financial experts partner with your organization to help your finance department build on their existing management framework, develop a more conscious and pocket friendly arrangement for risk oversight and embed them into daily business activities.

We further provide the necessary risk management guidance and training to help create risk management professionals out of your employees and have in place a risk assessment tool that provides standard criteria for the identification of risks and assessment of possible consequences in case risks were to emerge. Other services might include:

  • Development of prevention, detection, investigation and reporting strategies for the control of fraud.
  • Proper documentation of non-financial activities in the event of a need to link with accounts for the purpose of balance.
  • Helping you put in place the necessary insurance measures.


Technology Driven efficiency

The pressure to release money, resources and capacity has never been greater. Unstable economic growth, poor policy-regulation, exchange-rate, volatility, tax burden, and general instability can pose significant threats. It is therefore pertinent to invest in new practices, technologies, and skills targeted at shoring up capacity.

Modern accounting solutions add value because they offer more than just the routine maintenance of accounting records. The automation of multiple processes and integration with other business systems including funds allocation and project management helps to uncover insightful information to decision makers. Digitization of your processes is a more efficient method to avoid costly mistakes and achieve compliance with accounting standards.

Cloud accounting is the magic wand for CEOs and CFOs. Having an automated system in place can help improve your treasury, management processes, stabilise cash flow and enhance liquidity solutions. It offers several advantages over traditional software systems.

Atunda will work with the dynamics peculiar to your firm to help you identify the best cloud-based accounting solutions, scale up return-on-investment (ROI), and shorten process timeline, all the while delivering value that will improve finance function and the business structure as a whole.

We can help you eliminate redundant activities and standardise your automation processes. You are able to deliver more value and significantly cut cost.

Deal with the mechanisms of having the right automation process in place

Insight and Challenge Tools

Finance is a key value ingredient in the analysis and decision-making processes of every enterprise. It is a driver for holistic business approach, growth, and strategic projection. Maximising these potentials requires the transformation of finance from a transaction focused department to an insight driven one.

The nature and manner of insights varies from organisation to organisation but the delivery of an effective performance management framework, proper understanding of key business drivers and being able to build business decisions around these drivers underlines the approach to gathering insight. For finance departments to deliver effectively in this regard requires modern tools and capabilities and coping with the tension of demands that comes with the integration of such tools into the process

Atunda Finance experts are equipped to create a sustainable mandate for finance practices to help businesses flourish. We help with fixing and reworking the quality of data insights and deploying finance talent with the right mindset to meet the challenges.

We help you gain and maintain paper control of your finances. With our support, CEOs, CFOs, Controllers and Treasurers are able to improve contribution to and have better insight about the busines



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