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June 27, 2018 by in Capabilities

Enhancing and streamlining compliance, managing risk, safeguarding reputations, and creating competitive advantage.

The powerful combination of structural changes and new technology is mounting pressures on the financial industry and challenging the very core of the banking industry –information, processing and delivery.
Ironically, it is technology and what follows from it that will transform the banking and financial services industries.
The financial systems in general and the banking sector in particular, has its own inter-related pressures of healthy and unhealthy competition; declining entry barriers; frequent changes in regulation; delivery technology; global competitive pressures; and fast-evolving strategic objectives of the financial industry.
Atunda Financial Services Consultants collaborate with banking, insurance, and investment management firms to enhance and streamline compliance, manage risk, safeguard reputations, and create competitive advantage. We provide you with clear cut strategy, business and operating model best suited to your circumstances and disciplined execution.

Why you need Atunda?

Death of Traditional Business Model

Financial services firms are facing an unprecedented range of strategic challenges, both from within and outside the industry.

Consumer behaviours and financial needs are changing as a result of demographic shifts, social change and the acceptance of new technology as a means of delivering financial services.

The availability of data and the resulting ability to understand customers better is increasing rapidly, inspiring a move away from product-centric approaches and toward more customer-centric models.

Traditional business models are being disrupted directly by these trends, and by the emergence of the new fintech models they enable.
Atunda offers to work with the specific needs of your company in creating a technology model that addresses in-house challenges and scales up the quality financial services delivery.

We further put in place structure to deal with technical and managerial issues that may arise during the process of adaptation.
Our varying options of game changing and disruptive innovations are capable of shaking up the financial markets if properly integrated.

Drastic Evolution of Global Market

Political events with national and international significance, regulations for international trade and restrictions on international capital flows, alter the natural evolution of global markets and redefines how firms do business across borders.

It is therefore without surprise that evolution is becoming increasingly detailed and proactive.
A firm’s success in today’s global economy is dependent on the complex structures of corporations and transactions.

This translates to regulatory obstacles that affects the ability of the financial industry to maximise its full financial potential.
Atunda deep understanding of asset tracking and recovery, fraud detection and analysis, antimoney laundering compliance and multi-lateral sanctions compliance, combined with years-long experience in governmental intelligence services, help financial institutions accurately assess risk, and maintain a vigilant watch over the dynamics of a market or an economy

Digital Banking

Financial services have evolved and how technology is transforming the banking industry is constantly being redefined.

The gradual shift from traditional to digital banking can be assessed based on the digitization of the various services offers.
The level of process automation, web-based services and APIs enabling cross-institutional service composition that delivers banking products and provide transactions are benchmarks to screen the process of evolution.
Customers want a service that provides relative ease and increases their ability to access data through desktop, mobile and ATM services.
Pressures from meeting customer’s expectations along with the growing threat of cyber crime are telling on established relationships. Many firms no longer understand customer’s needs and hence cannot structure their services to meet the needs and continue to evolve as these needs change.
Atunda focus is on improving your digital banking process vis-à-vis its effects on your customer’s experience by working with global standards. We offer clients record-breaking digital capabilities and solutions that transform customer’s digital experience.
Our services cut across design, analytics and management of customer data, data security, cloud and DevOps security, access solution, CRM strategy and systems integration and proposition for digital development.

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