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We help you design and implement digital strategy that is targeted at disruption of existing market, creation of new value network and challenging the capabilities of existing leading firms, products and alliances.

Technology is an important enabler of business transformation. Digital technology has been aggressively tinkering with the market space and challenging companies by blurring the lines between sectors in a gradual transformation since the first industrial revolution in the 70s.

Many companies have focused on strategies aimed at surviving instead of opening up a channel for comparative advantage, so they struggle to enact and deliver on digital transformations. Digital transformations with high success rate focus on consumers and products rather than beating down cost.

At Atunda, we help you design and implement digital strategy that is targeted at disruption of existing market, creation of new value network and challenging the capabilities of existing leading firms, products and alliances. We do not just help you maximize technology to innovate, you are able to streamline cost and increase revenue.

Atunda is a leader in providing technology-enabled business solutions and services.



Digital Rebranding: Value Template

Technology is changing the face of business redefining the pattern of competition across all industries. Businesses are adopting emerging technologies and becoming more dependent on data, digital solutions and analytics, the new media and industrial IoT.

It is imperative for organisations to fall in line with the change order of the market and provide a digital face for their management strategy but most business executive lack the needed knowledge to capitalize on digital opportunities to effect transformation in their organizations. At Atunda, we focus on offering the necessary insight to help organizations rebrand their corporate strategy via the creation, validation, mobilization and execution of digital strategies.

We provide training platforms and management programs to intimate executives with digital business strategy to smoothen the transition process for their organizations.  We apply a mix of lectures, seminars, demonstrations, roundtable discussions, test runs and challenges to pinpoint the needed changes effect a digital transformation in your own organisation.

We collaborate with service firms, technology partners and digital agencies to hone in on market opportunities and help you invest in a digital distribution channel that properly communicates the value of your products and services to your customers.

Atunda ensures that the analytical tools and applications, mobile technologies, digital platforms and social media apps are up to date and suitable to your business environment.

Atunda measures your organisation strengths and weaknesses against the strategy of digital leaders in your industry to develop your own unique rebranding template.

Digital Commerce and Marketing

Every brand desires to operate within the gambit of delivering unique customer value and in the age of ecommerce and instant gratification, it is impossible to shut out technology from the process. Integrating digital commerce into your sales process better positions you to deal with market shifts and strategically place new products and services across channels.

Many organizations are however concerned about privacy violations and the misuse of data that in some cases accompanies Digital commerce and marketing. Customers whose data are at risk are even more reluctant to utilise effectiveness and cost cutting that comes with digitisation of the purchase process.

Paradoxically, digital commerce arms businesses with the tools needed to provide each customer with a personal experience that wins and retains customers.

Atunda omni-channel experts and digital specialists have hands on experience to provide clients with support and counseling in the setting up secure digital commerce and marketing channels. Our services provide you with back support to innovate.

We also design digital commerce strategy and services on platforms that takes into consideration the future of IT. We assist with the creation of compelling content and tailored user experiences to enhance omni-channel retail experience. We provide upgrades of e-commerce stores and integrate web and user analytics to help your organization maximize the space.

Our customer engagement solutions with the latest digital technologies help to streamline sales channels and optimize downstream applications.

Synchronising Innovations for KPIs

The quality and flexibility of innovations goes a long way in determining if business would thrive in the digital age. Each wave of technological input should create new value for customers and new opportunities for the business. This is only possible when the adoption of technology into the business process precisely co-ordinates the different aspects of operations.

For an organisation to measure the impact of digital strategy and the bottom line performance of innovations, key performance indicators (KPIs) are necessary. These key performance indicators need to be tracked and visualized so that you can maintain a comprehensive view of the organization’s progress.

Evaluating the effectiveness of a digital strategy requires a solid understanding of operational details. You must be able to

For KPIs to be effective, they need to answer questions about whether your existing technology, budget and manpower are up to the task, as well as to determine how a digital strategy affects your organization and what it measures.

Atunda does not just solve complex business problems, find new growth opportunities and link your strategy with state-of-the-art data products. We make our lasting impact last by synchronizing your digital innovations with Key Performance Indicators that is flexible to adapt to changes.

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