Corporate Strategy

June 27, 2018 by in Capabilities

Our compliance, codes, KPIs kit and restructuring/continuity plan position clients to deliver value that is strong and consistent. We can help you create that distinct identity.

Consistent value creation across an organisation various interests is at the heart of corporate strategy. It combines business strategy versus competitive advantage to manage resources, risk and return across a firm and creates an organization portfolio that is worth more than just the sum of parts.  It ascertains the scope of activities and the manner in which an organisation’s different business processes are in sync with its overall goals.


Leaders responsible for the development of these strategic decisions factor in resource allocation, organisational design, portfolio management, processes and governance. They need to analyse individual business strategies to see how they correlate, differ and fit into the parent company. It can thus be said that corporate Strategy is derived from the organizational direction of each individual business. The wrong corporate strategy can affect the viability, visibility and overall value of an organisations’s brand.


Atunda works with company leaders to converge customer’s needs across the different value chains, identify openings for growth in individual business and their relation to overall corporate strategy and create score card for benchmarking.

We work out links to tie strategy to the allocation of scarce resources for diversified interests, improved efficiency of shared resources and minmise effort duplication and reduce risk of diversification.

Atunda helps clients create, refine and implement Corporate Strategy that will reflect in service delivery and boost revenue.

Our governance solutions is specially tailored to suit the uniqueness of the local market but benchmarked by international best-practice standards to uplift corporate strategies that deliver on growth, profitability, market expansion and effective portfolio management objectives.





Corporate Governance Compliance Codes (GCC Codes)

A well-thought-out corporate strategy should be innovative enough and flexible enough to create plans and methods that will allow it to continue growing despite the challenges they are bound to face in the course of running their business. Considering the smaller pictures of the end goal and prioritizing the bigger picture should always be the ultimate of a company in corporate marketing.

Atunda corporate governance compliance code (software) is designed to fit this need. It is structured to comply with the corporate governance code, boost long term value and potential for growth while reducing risks, weak links in reputation. This is especially important for small-medium enterprises (SMEs)


Our consultants work with your organizations business eco-system to create clients (your) individual governance handbook in ensuring that:


  • The duties and responsibilities of board members as it relates to the diversified operations are clear, defined and accessible.
  • Board meetings as it relates to the company strategy, budgets, finances and operational excellence are regulated and effective.
  • Identification of metrics for evaluation board relevance at every stage of company growth and expansion
  • Risk management mitigation and prevention is accounted for.
  • Coporate image representation, limits and commitments are delegated.
  • Put in place delegated authorities (e.g. authority to commit the company to expenditure, authority to sign contracts) – to whom and within what limits


  • Security, company data and finance internal control monitor is in place for anticipated implementation.


The governance code will cover business recovery and continuity plan, governance skills training schedules and internal control solutions. Digisation of the process makes it relatively easy to implement access and re-invent for adaptation.


Balance Score Cards & KPIs kit

Execution of corporate governance is destined to fail without co-ordination, integration and proper oversight. It is expected that the Board of Directors would have in place a committee for strategic management, operational and compliance reporting. The implementation process should link with the objectives, directives, initiatives and obligations of the organization to reflect a truly effective corporate governance.


Atunda’s Key performance indicator kit is designed for proactive reporting, and step by step evaluation of management of Board processes and decisions. It focuses on the true aims of your organization systems to the discordance of activities that comes with managing large enterprises.


The Balanced Scorecard function allows for companywide Key Performance Indicator (KPI) monitoring and reporting. KPIs are grouped by category with min/max targets and scheduling of recording with immediate notification when outside the limits.


The kit features a balanced score card reporting that allows automations of evaluation system, immediate correction of mistakes cutting back on resulting effects, and periodic collection of data from the various arms automatically.  Our KPI Kit measures the impact of your corporate governance on customers and the effectiveness of sales strategy for individual line.


Atunda is able to present your organization with a balanced, comprehensive and fair review of your corporate governance necessary for development, performance and position across your value chain.


Corporate Restructuring and Continuity

We structure you business model design to include a value creation plan comes in handy in helping you identify the required link for your business transformation and because your success is important to us, we will oversee the process from start to finish.


Organizations that needs total restructuring are looking to improve their corporate image, diversififcation of risks, business continuity reinforcement and sustainability. It is especially important when an orgnaisation has equity that may be compromised by stagnancy and disputes. The process of demergers, mergers, asset swaps which ensures that the company is in a better position to become sustainable and grow can go all wrong if not properly handled.

Atunda Coporate experts focus on creating a link between the problem and solution to deliver a pragmatic and yet effectives approach that creates insight and embeds solutions

We focus on leverage our extensive network to optimise communication with stakeholders and partner with legal and fiscal policy experts to come up with smart liquidation plans.

Atunda offers comprehensive solutions for Case Administration & Claims Distributions, an easy-to-use Web Portal Service and Depository Services that properly packages your corporate restructuring and enables continuity.

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