Business Process Management

July 11, 2018 by in Capabilities

System Management and Integration

Your BPM is tied to the individual configuration of the different processes. Every organisation need a practical framework to improve operating processes in order to reduce costs, capture lost revenue or improve service levels across the entire value chain

It could come from seeking ways to transform your sourcing and procurement function to improving the general effectiveness of your physical supply chain; embracing a new sustainable business model that requires you to proactively manage your brand or the management of physical assets including property or real-estate

The key objective is to achieve quantifiable improvements by minimizing inefficiencies and improving decision-making processes.

Atunda uses design process principles to manage your company, develop and integrate your business and production processes, as well as generate revenue, reduce costs, service delivery and also implement metrics to monitor and ensure performance. We understand the importance of digitizing the business management process so we provide internal technology capabilities needed to manage the business or generate revenue.

We bring to bear our understanding of the business environment to help manage and improve your processes and structures. This is vital to creating an efficient and effective organisation.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Strategy

The frame work of activities in any given business environment has at its heart the proper management of customers. Every organisation desires to improve customer experience, attend to their requirements and ensure a long-term recurring relationship.

Interestingly, there is an increasing link between business process management (BPM) and customer relationship management (CRM). The functions that come with Business projects management now addresses customer-management issues that revolve around acquisition of new customers, retention of old ones, management of feedback and plans for peak business.

Your business process management should generate end to end analytics that can be processed to improve customer experience.

Organisations business process management professionals should have advanced skills in customer-engagement

Atunda provides the necessary advisory, technical and management services to help synchronise your Business process management with your review your customer relationship management (CRM) strategy in order to deliver a superior customer service.

We structure the process to accommodate the future of BPM and customer engagement, organisation-customer interaction and customer’s expectations.

Atunda deploys strategic analysis and management to use your BPM process improve customer relationship management strategy.

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