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Atunda offers the business insider perspective, evaluate your strategy and integrate risk management into your organisation’s strategy. Every business or organisation operates on defined strategy but is your strategy well-articulated and properly communicated to your key stakeholders? Your strategy should have your competitors talking about you in their boardrooms? Organization Strategies should guide you on [...]
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Finance and Regulatory

Enhancing and streamlining compliance, managing risk, safeguarding reputations, and creating competitive advantage. The powerful combination of structural changes and new technology is mounting pressures on the financial industry and challenging the very core of the banking industry –information, processing and delivery. Ironically, it is technology and what follows from it that will transform the banking [...]
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Corporate Strategy

Our compliance, codes, KPIs kit and restructuring/continuity plan position clients to deliver value that is strong and consistent. We can help you create that distinct identity. Consistent value creation across an organisation various interests is at the heart of corporate strategy. It combines business strategy versus competitive advantage to manage resources, risk and return across [...]
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Digital Strategy

We help you design and implement digital strategy that is targeted at disruption of existing market, creation of new value network and challenging the capabilities of existing leading firms, products and alliances. Technology is an important enabler of business transformation. Digital technology has been aggressively tinkering with the market space and challenging companies by blurring [...]
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Industrial Innovation and Design Exhibitions of 2017

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