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Health and Social care

We partner with health systems to develop a market-leading strategy for long-term top performance, growth, and sustainability. The healthcare industry is on a journey to personi-zation of healthcare delivery and organizations need to choose the right path forward for their market. Atunda partners with health systems to develop a market leading strategy for long-term top [...]
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Public Sector

By bringing to the fore our expertise in defence/national security, energy, healthcare as it relates to public service, we help you fulfil deliverables. The public sector is regularly placed on the pedestal of delivery performance. With a unique mandate to on a number of services and development projects in highly-visible, multi-stakeholder environments with limited resources, [...]
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We leverage wireless telecom experience into changes and maximize it for their own benefit. Telecos have been taken over by this new drive to fit into technology communication trends, industry amalgamation and the threat of cable entrants. Telecom companies have an urgent need to juxtapose strategy and operations in positioning themselves for relevance success constantly [...]

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