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Sales and Marketing

We provide market insights, customer analytics and align your sales department for productivity. Sales and marketing consultation encompasses graphics designing, content creation, strategic coaching, social media experts, data analysts, and web developers. These expectations comes to fore in consultant-client relationship and customers often assume that a marketing consultant is able to do all of the [...]
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Supply chain management

Atunda has in place an integrated system to provide real-time insight that anticipate potential problems, review multiple action alternatives and respond to the constant changes in clients (your) supply and demand chains. A global network that supports and reacts to the needs of your supply chain is important and even more so, for emerging brands. From securing the [...]
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Business Process Management

Atunda BPM tools help clients transform their key value chain functions, from customer management through to sourcing of goods and services In today’s challenging business environment, every organization requires and should be able to achieve operational excellence to lead. Most of the traditionally-built BPM solutions are often embellished with too many features, come with a [...]
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Business Process Management

System Management and Integration Your BPM is tied to the individual configuration of the different processes. Every organisation need a practical framework to improve operating processes in order to reduce costs, capture lost revenue or improve service levels across the entire value chain It could come from seeking ways to transform your sourcing and procurement [...]
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Procurement and Sourcing

We deploy our understanding of your internal needs in identifying critical services needed for support and manage the process from start to finish. There is more to procurement than cutting costs; it has significant and direct impact on bottom-line performance. The merging of traditional sourcing techniques with major technology trends of today is pointing procurement […]

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We support CEOs, CFOs, Controllers and Treasurers to optimise the structure of their finance functions and improve their contribution to the business. In recent times, the emphasis of finance has been control and efficiency delivered through streamlined back office models. Despite this, the focus on providing insight should still be maintained. Is your finance function [...]
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Litigation and Risk Mitigation

It is important to have a thorough management plan that will factor in possible litigation and strategies to mitigate the effects of possible risks. High Net worth individuals often find themselves more prone to risks or on the receiving end of high-stakes lawsuits. Their vast wealth, access to sensitive and valuable commercial or personal data [...]
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Cash Managements

As your corporate fund managers, Atunda consultants monitors your overall cash and investment portfolios to ensure they remain profitable Cash Management which refers to the corporate management of majorly stocks, funds, private equities and added commodities or alternatives is a multi-faceted process. The goal is to ensure stability and get high returns on short term [...]
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High Net-Worth Individuals

Meeting the accounting and financial needs of high net worth individuals is a priority for us hence it defines the structures of our services There are a multitude of business challenges faced by today’s high net worth individuals, such as commercial litigation, tax planning, reputational management and political persecution. From ensuring that due diligence is [...]

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